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TH.EVERYTHING#4 2020-2021

Nog maar net bekomen van TH.EVERYTHING#3, is het nu alweer de tijd voor TH.EVERYTHING #4. Cees Krijnen zou Cees Krijnen niet zijn zonder de broodnodige verrassingen...

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SELLING THE PARENTAL HOME 2019 Even een heerlijk biertje met oesters op het terras van de Jopen kerk, altijd een traktatie! Alles de revue laten passeren. Hectische tijden, mij niet vreemd maar toch altijd weer een verrassing met hoeveel kleerscheuren ik er deze keer weer uit kom. 50 geworden, prachtige solo tentoonstelling met nieuwe werken bij Reuten Galerie Amsterdam...

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Lady Justice in the making Adel Rootstein The Company Into a Fifth Decade of Design Innovation In the early 1960’s, Britain was beginning to influence world fashion. Mary Quant and Jean Muir became symbols of the new movement; the personality cult was in full swing. The eyes of the world were on London, which in a short time would take over from Paris in the fashion stakes. There was one major drawback to this breath of fresh air mannequins. Up to then they were of the stilted variety, stylised and very old hat; rigid and lifeless, they simply looked like dummies. Adel Rootstein changed all of that. She began to capture the whole aura of the 60’s fashion explosion by taking a fresh and original look at the potential of mannequins...

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Here we go again but off course, thank you VERY much for being here. After the introduction of the latest tulip, the Princess Amalia of the Netherlands at the world renewed gardens of Keukenhof, my mother and I are more then proud to introduce the latest cannabis flower: The Greta Blok Bloom in the UK. Reason, my mother and I are constantly impressed by the beauty of the cannabis plant and its flowers...